Several years ago Christopher Brugler, the Challah King of Beverly Hills, was preparing a traditional Friday Shabbat dinner. As he remembers, four muses came to him, the children of his client, and suggested that he put one of their favorite treats, white chocolate chips, into the Challah bread for that evening’s meal. Not being one to ignore the voices of inspiration, Christopher added the chips along with some complementary ingredients, and the first Challah King loaf was created.

Christopher continued to expand his Challah selection with Black Mission Fig, Dried Cranberry and Walnut and Thompson Raisin, to name a few. The popularity of his bread grew quickly.. He began getting requests from Beverly Hills and Westside locals to make the bread for small parties, weddings, and unique gift baskets. Once Bodega Wine Bar in Pasadena and Santa Monica had placed his bread on the menu, he was convinced that Challah had a larger appeal than he had thought.

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Make Every Day a Challah Day!

The Story of Challah King of Beverly Hills